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I am HIS little angel here for a greater cause.I am running this blog to hone my writing skill and widen my thoughts. I am very true to the title"The Mirror Image of my thoughts".

Thursday, September 18, 2008

some of the QUESTIONS asked to me.....

Q: Do you think SRI SRI is supernatural?

I dont 'think'. but i " know" he is supernatural. How many of us could recognise krishna?jesus? only a few right? its the same here also.

Q: What is the difference between we and sri sri? He is also a human right?

Yes! But only difference is that he brings peace and happiness where ever he goes whereas we dont.He can transform the lives of people whereas we cant.

Q: How could he take patent over "sudarshankriya"?it existed long before na?

Sudarshankriya was brought to a rhythm by guruji. More over, if thats the case, then nobody can take patent over anything. right? Everything is from the space and everything goes back to the space. Even a newly developed software is from the nature.

Q: Explain god in one sentence

God is something that can neither be created nor be destroyed.

Q: Why has Sri Sri got long hair and beared?

Obviously, it's his liberty. If we can live and be the way we are,then he also can be the way
he wants.
Q: What do you think about spirituality?

Spirituality is not wearing saintly dress. But, its knowing the spirit, experiencing the ultimate
truth.As my master says "We should have a spirit to know the SPIRIT"

Q: Why do we need a guru in life?

We need a master for everything. If we need to drive a car, we need sombody to teach us. If we are in a new city we need sombody to clear the route or atleast a road map. right? The same way, to know life, to learn what life is we need a guru.

Q: How was your life before coming to ART OF LIVING?
well, i did the course when i was in first standard so i dont actually know life before and after Art Of Living.Only thing is that I AM IN ART OF LIVING.
Infact, born and brought up in Art oF living(laughter). But, i can say about my family. My dad was so short tempered that for silly things he used to get angry. This inturn spoiled the happiness of the whole family. We led a worldly life,happiness was there but, it was not long lasting. After the course,things changed. And now we all are enjoying life. My home is a small heaven now.