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Monday, August 30, 2010

Sensitivity VS Sensibility..

Do you know the difference between sensitivity and sensibility? My eldest brother said sensitivity is something i have in abundance and sensibility is something i lack.LOL..

Well, i think "sensitivity" is of the heart and "sensibility" is of the head.Love rules sensitivity whereas intelligence rules sensibility.Sensitivity is human nature, we all are sensitive in one way or the other. I would call a person "beast", if he is insensitive to the people around him.

It is good to be sensitive but your sensitivity shouldn't curtail the freedom of your dear ones. As i always say,the balance is a thin line..find it and move with it!:)

'Love' so priceless!!

I was then in Media Organization and Ideology class. She was talking about some 'diversity' in media. Well, i have no idea about it,as i was truly in a poetic mood.This poem is dedicated to everyone whom I love.Here goes my poem:)

I am drenched in the
ocean of your love.
Many to love and
to be.

Dreams kissed me
when stars twinkle,
Moon smiles and
'Time' whispers me the
silence of night.

Through the hurdles of life
moving like a cloud with
a tiny droplet of "hope"
in my heart !

Happiness is not the
money I have,
nor fame,name or
mere luxury.

Priceless the warmth of love,
Heart misses a beat,I know,
the four lettered word
means a lot to me!