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I am HIS little angel here for a greater cause.I am running this blog to hone my writing skill and widen my thoughts. I am very true to the title"The Mirror Image of my thoughts".

Friday, October 30, 2009

Life is much more..!

I don't know what is the force that makes me write on this topic right now. But, my heart says a lot of things on this statement"life is much more..". Lemme now update the Mirror Image of My Thoughts!

Many a times i have seen me sad for the silliest of things.You would wonder if you learn the things that pulls me because, it is simply stupid! As my master says the emotion lasts to the maximum of two days and i have always experienced the peak of the pain for a while and then just leave it off because "life is much more"!

Last day, i was traveling in a private bus thinking something as i am always in my own world. Suddenly, i noticed the lady sitting next to me. She was weeping for some reason. I truly wanted to ask her about the reason and help her if i could. But, unfortunately i couldn't speak to her and i kept silent. I still wonder what was the reason for my silence and how could i ever ignore a soul just like that. I don't have a valid reason for my silence.

I would say, seeing a person crying is the worst part of life. I truly cant bear the pain of the people whenever i go out in the city.I always wanted to ask them about the reason for their silent pain but somehow i fail to do it. You wont believe! So many people around us are suffering and the worst part is that their problems may be so silly as LIFE is much more...!

As far as i have observed my life, all the so called "painful incidents" seemed to be so silly after a while. It would be so painful at the time of experience but later on the same stuff turns to be something silly..something of no importance!

"Life is much more", this is the statement that brings me happiness whenever i am sad. Yes! life is truly more than what we see and experience.No time to regret..complaint or worry....!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

m4 Marry.com is all FUN.COM!!

Recently,some of my friends have registered in M4 marry.com and last day we thought of looking for some handsome hunks in our own caste and region.No intentions of getting married or getting committed.But, commenting on each and every photograph was a real thriller.

We started off with guys from age group (24-27). There were people from all fields.A hell lot of engineers,doctors,media employees and many more. Well, i was looking for a corporate or somebody from media industry and my friends had different thoughts on their would-be too.

The day was never ending fun and we were so much into it that we got into other such sites too. We saw a lot of guys but,i should tell you the fact that only a few were good looking.

The guy i liked the most is Mr X ,an engineer from Trivandrum,only son,business family. I don't think he is handsome but i felt him cute and graceful. Above all he is born on SEP 19,exactly the day i was born and his interests includes astrology too.Those may be the reasons why i was attracted to his profile.

As i was reading his profile, my brother happened to call me and i told him about the guy. The reply he gave was truly awesome. He told me that "see mole every guy has a some expectation about his wife". We all burst into laughter as i shared this with my friends.

A Serious Thought: All the profiles are created by the parents of the groom and they do not have any role to play in their profile. The thing that i noticed in all the profiles was that all the parents have a true feeling that their children are the best. Honesty,loving,caring,responsible are some of the words that they all have used to describe their sons.

In Malayalam there is a proverb "Kaakkakun than kunju ponn kunju". The proverb proved literally true in this!

It was truly fun and i enjoyed a lot!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The I within ME..(on the occasion of my 21st birthday)

Sometimes I'm a solitary loner
who walks with life,
the terrific trainer...

Life taught me a handful
of lessons for i am now
what i am.

Am nothing extra ordinary...
a free bird who lives life
the way she wants.

Flew over 21 years of life...
Christmas came..Ramzan came...Onam came..
years rolling.. rolling and rolling..

Freedom is all i want
freedom in thoughts,deeds,needs
in my own world..my own space!

No secrets,no hidden treasures for
my heart is all open.
When i tell i mean it or i remain silent
as silence is the jack of all trades.

Many are safe in my heart for
love is our very nature..but
Only a few knows my heart as
I 'm unanswered.

My dreams are just for the sake of it,
for it can hold me
back in this planet!

Knowing the truth my sole dream..
Experiencing the truth my only wish.
Being with the Divine my only

Monday, April 27, 2009


No death for my faith
in YOU though
death is too certain
to me.

I rejoice on the tears of gratitude.
grateful for the gratitude
I've for YOU.

When hardship strokes me,
a silent prayer kisses my lips
"keep me close to UR heart"!

I can! I will and I am..!
why should i fear when
YOUR hands are with me?

Nothing in my life is left
untouched by YOU for
U know me better than
do I.

My heart! My soul! My breath..YOU
kindling my heart with devotion.
Enough! i cant hold "it"

Nothing can be a TRIBUTE to my master...still lemme keep this poem at HIS lotus feet as a TRIBUTE for changing my life...!

Guys! lemme tell you..MASTER is our BIRTH RIGHT! Go get it at any cost...if not we will regret in future. Well,this is what i personally feel out of my experience. u can be the way u want..

Friday, April 17, 2009

JEALOUSY-A feeling of love

YOU are jealous of me
for you" think"
am different from

I sense the vibe of your
heart and thought and
I know you are jealous
of me.

I am so silly to be jelous off
just a speck in the
vast universe

No difference in you and me
for everything is the same.

A word of praise or touch
of victory is nothing
as the truth remains
still untouched!

Trust me! am not different from you
and you are unique so as
all of us are!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Friends! Sorry, i was away for a while and i havent written anything for days. Don't know why.I am not in a mood to write anything.

Advance course at Wagamon was awesome....!i sipped and plunged into the ultimate bliss and nOw i know , i am hollow and empty! i will be writing on it soon. tc. love you all...!

I just want to be with myself for some more time!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Journey to the TRUTH !

Lighting the fire
of life
like a fire fly,

my life is flowing
as dreamt.

The truth is still unknown!
i flow with life or
life flows with me..

You cant touch me or feel me
for i slipped out of your
flowing...flowing..and flowing...!

There! far away i see the" truth"
waiting for the union

The path is troublesome
with pain and strain...

still! my journey to the truth

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, This is my first poem. i wrote this poem soon after Art excel course(Art Of Living course for kids). I was then hardly 7 yrs old. The poem's title and the poem goes like this....


My Guruji is a flower

HE is not a simple flower

HE is as sweet as a Rose flower...

But,more sweet than a Rose Flower...

How am I HIS Little Angel...??

I f you ask me why i call myself HIS LITTLE ANGEL,then i have a story to tell you.

I was then hardly 7yrs old. We had a family trip to Bangalore ashram and we could meet guruji on the day we reached the ashram. We were fortunate enough to sit with him for two hours and had lots of fun....

We stayed there for two days. Leaving the ashram is nothing less than killing me. I cry from Bangalore till Salem. I wonder as even now i do the same.

Before leaving ashram we went to meet guruji. They all took his blessings and so did i. My heart was truly sinking but somehow i managed to control the tears.

I took his blessings . He held me close to his heart and said"MY DEAR LITTLE ANGEL, guruji is also leaving tomorrow. You can come here whenever you want na...?" and he gave me a teddy bear which said "i love you".

From then i call myself as HIS LITTLE ANGEL as the words of my master can never remain untouched by the nature...it is always true so I AM HIS LITTLE ANGEL!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Depth Of My Life...

As silent as the
I Stay alone in

With the heart of a
sincere seeker and soul
of a healer.

Behold me staying
know ...

Life is a journey and
many travels
with me...

My friend and my foe
all are here only
to know the

Neither fame nor name
can help me,as
nothing stays long..

Hey! weary traveler..
in the cycle of birth
and death..

Where are YOU heading to??
Knowing the truth your
sole MISSION...Alas!
You fail to give it a

Monday, March 16, 2009

MY sweetheart ...JUHATTI....

My grandma named him 'johny'. Stupid name right? I know. I tried my best to change his name but it was in vain as my grandma is stern with stuffs like me..after all she is my grandma right....

Anyway, i named him JUHATTI. My sweet little doggy. I told grandma that 'johnykuttan' when said in Hindi is JUHATTI. I saw her struggling to hide her laughter.She knows pretty well that i be fooled her as i am always blunt to people.

I was with my doggy only for four days. But, within these four days, he taught me manythings. well, lemme share some of them with you...

The first thing that i noticed in him is Naturality. He is the same with everyone and is quite natural.He doesnt want to create a good image about him as we do many a times when situation demands. He is happy for what he is. .Because of is this quality he could capture my heart.He has no inhibitions..stress or tension.

If you guys dont know the meaning of the word Loyalty ,i tell you,your petdog can teach you better than anyone else.Juhatti is the embodiment of loyalty. I shouted at him,screamed at him,ignored him(when he irritates me to the core)and what not...but, he is the same to me...Loyal to his master!

And finally Love. It is from him that i realized that love has no boundary. Creed,age,species nothing is a bar as love is a universal truth that rules the world! I am a homosapien and he is from the animal kingdom.Still, he loves me and tells me his problems and discomforts..

I think it is better to love animals as they never hurt us! Love you..JUHATTI!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Long way to go...
Over the thorns of obstacles
with the pain of an
amateur,I have
a long way to go !

Not much perfect as
am still an amateur...when
determination strikes my
heart and commitment kindles
my soul..i KNOW,I
have a long way to go !

Life a gift from HIM.
you know its meaning never
till you discover..And

its a battle with the evil..
the air of terror and horror
may take away my GIFT
Still, I am stern as 'FEAR'
is a word in coward's dictionary!


An EXPERIENCE of mine with my MASTER!

It is something really personal and i didn't want it to be shared as many of you don't know my master.Well, lemme now share it with you...

Then i was the representative of 2nd.A, a smart,talkative ,studious little girl.My world was my master and my days started with swapna teacher's class and ended with a sound sleep with my brothers beside me.

Days passed away and came the day when we were standing one among the queue for the darshan of my master.

HE was then sitting on a chair and his body was covered with a dupatta.Though i was spellbound, somehow I managed to speak to him.I always wanted to have A+ grade in all the exams i wrote. But,the irony of the fate was that i missed it often for a single percentage. I asked GURUJI to touch one of my fingers. One among them was A+ and the other was A grade. Guruji touched in A grade and that was something which a 7 yr old couldnt hold. I could feel my heart sinking with pain. I started to weep and seeing this guruji held me close to his heart and asked me what was the problem. I wanted to speak as HE is the person i love the most but couldnt as my throat got choked.

My father explained everything to guruji and HE said that " YOU WILL GET A+ LATER..OK? THEN EVERYBODY WILL COME TO KNOW THAT". My little heart was not satisfied with the answer he gave and thus i continued weeping.

Years rolled away like the waves of an ocean. Then i was in 12th std,still studious but well balanced.It was may 24th ,the" CBSE results are out". said the newspaper.As my master's words can never remain untouched by the nature, I scored 91 PERCENT(A+) plus SCHOOL TOP.He also gave me an additional gift.."BEST STUDENT AWARD 2007-2008".

Even today, my name is written in golden letters in my school and as HE said everybody came to know my score....I know! Its all because of HIm...and HIS grace...

Nothing in my life is untouched by you....
My breath seeks your consent to breath...
Soul no different....

There is no death for my faith in YOU.....though

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Love you to the depth
of my life
You are the life of my life
the soul of my breath.
Though you are too far..
still so near
I feel the sweetness of
thy love and care
You are the gift of my life..
wealth of my soul..
Though thy gaze never falls
on me...
You know my thoughts before
do I.
My heart forgets to beat when
I am with you...
My mind forgets to think when
You are in my thoughts..
"I KNOW YOU" is the only thing
I have to say about you
Let me have many more births...
want you as my MASTER for ever...