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I am HIS little angel here for a greater cause.I am running this blog to hone my writing skill and widen my thoughts. I am very true to the title"The Mirror Image of my thoughts".

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Love you to the depth
of my life
You are the life of my life
the soul of my breath.
Though you are too far..
still so near
I feel the sweetness of
thy love and care
You are the gift of my life..
wealth of my soul..
Though thy gaze never falls
on me...
You know my thoughts before
do I.
My heart forgets to beat when
I am with you...
My mind forgets to think when
You are in my thoughts..
"I KNOW YOU" is the only thing
I have to say about you
Let me have many more births...
want you as my MASTER for ever...