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I am HIS little angel here for a greater cause.I am running this blog to hone my writing skill and widen my thoughts. I am very true to the title"The Mirror Image of my thoughts".

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When the tender feelings of Womanhood Kissed me!

A beautiful dream that
left me a smile.
Never wanted to come out
Alas! my eyes opened
for no reason.

Somber to leave the warmth of
the dream.
Tender feelings of womanhood
rocking so gently.

Thought the dream a reality,
i was so happy sleeping

Many dreams awaiting
reality where,
I play all the roles possible.

My tender feelings of
left untouched till today!

I wish i dream it all
again, only
to feel the tender feelings
of womanhood!:)

Life is so beautiful.It is just a smile from a baby that made me write this poem. Small-Small things can lead to big-big happiness!I am proud to be a female born. Life of a woman is so full, pregnant with a hundred thousands meaning and truth!:)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Eyes Betrayed me!

Thinking life a bed
of roses, my
eyes betrayed me..

The rosy bed was
the bloodstain of
many who passed by!

Time never been so rude,
hoped you are there
for me!

Thought you would hold
my hands in yours
Alas! You didn't!

How can you not see me?
How can you not know me?
Tears rolled down for
My eyes betrayed me!

Fire of hope put off
in tears!
No questions or complains
It's all my mistake.

My heart is
all broken!
I know!my eyes betrayed me!

Dont know what made me write this poem at this hour. I didnt have any intention of writing a poem now. Even i don't understand the emotion that i tried to express through this poem.It is just a work of art,dont break your head thinking about it:):)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MY zest for living!:)

My zest for living
shaken for a while,
when hardship strikes
now and then.

A mighty prayer brushes
my lips.
"You my zest for living,
a thousand reasons
to hold on."

Over the river
of hurdles,now
I am tired to move an inch!

I know! A world of happiness
awaiting me and
joy is priceless only in the
shadow of pain.

I am holding on to YOU!
Surrendering my heart,my soul
and my life!
Leave me not for you
my first and last resort!

God knows to plan and make things possible better than us. In this vast universe,sitting at a corner of a 'corner', i am worrying over silly things, labeling them as "PROBLEMS".

Well, I was really bored with father's class on Democracy,Secularism and Journalism:(and just wrote this poem...:)