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I am HIS little angel here for a greater cause.I am running this blog to hone my writing skill and widen my thoughts. I am very true to the title"The Mirror Image of my thoughts".

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The two extremes of my personality!

It is truly amazing that my mind swings between two "extremes". Either the embodiment of joy,enthusiasm,bubbling with happiness. Laughing out loud and making others laugh. kidding and bugging everyone to the core forgetting that i am a grown up girl, matured enough to behave matured.

Sometimes sad for some unknown reason.I often fail to figure out what on earth has left me in such a heavy put off.It is too certain that my family and friends catch me red- handed when i go out of my mind.My brothers are the ones who tend to ask me first. I just confine the answer in a smile and remain silent.

But,I can never be sad for a long time, may be for half an hour or one hour to the maximum as i am very smart in finding some reasons to smile and laugh out loud.At any cost i want to be happy,no matter how stupid the reason is!,I want to laugh and let go..and be happy!

Hello everyone, Be happy..enjoy life to the core!:)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do I LOOK like YOU or my DAD?

*YOU : Mother
* I : An Orphan

You whispered nothing...
neither a word of love nor
a gaze of hatred..

You left me in the litter box
and sobbed for a while.
I feel your pain in me...but
you never felt mine in you.

The silence you left in me
is a blessing as now I
enjoy dripping in pain,
floating just like that...!

I am the result of your pleasure,
a piece of "life" that none seeks.
I have no questions or complaints for
i know its my destiny.

Years rolled away...waiting for you
just to know the warmth of
your breast..!

I know you would never come to me..
but,please temme..

This poem is my deep felt kiss for all the orphans across the globe.I know how it feels to be an orphan,But keep smiling...god has a reason for everything. Guys!!Please do something for the poor. It is their destiny but you can't just walk off telling that it is their "destiny"! Plz give it a thought!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Destiny OR My Freewill??

St. Josephs Bangalore was there neither in my thoughts nor dreams. But, today I am a josephite. Is this my destiny or freewill? Let me now pen down my thoughts on ‘The Mirror Image of My Thoughts’.

A random search in the Google brought St Josephs to my life. I considered it because Bangalore was a dream place for me…some sort of sentiments with the place.Well, may be because guruji lives here.

Though I wrote the entrance test,my name was not there in the first list of 15 short listed candidates.I was quite sure that I wouldn’t get selected and looked for some other colleges.But, some where deep within ,I had a droplet of hope as guruji has once told me”mole romba budhishaali..padikkathey pass aakum..atheeva budhi shaali”. I knew within that the words of master can never go untouched by the nature.

It was then I met guruji at the bangalore ashram and told that I didn’t get admission anywhere.I also asked him to bring me the college that can bring the best in my life!He just smiled and asked about my dad and some other things at my place.To my amazement,I reached home next morning by 6.30 am and by 10 am , I got a call from Josephss saying I am selected.

should or shouldn’t join was the next issue. But, I was then sure that Josephs is the college for me and I would do my post graduation here in Bangalore.My master has done all that he could and now it is my part to take a decision on joining the college.

“ Me in my dream palce?” god!That’s something still unbelivable ! My uncles,aunts and grandparents have always said a big no and now they want me to study in bangalore..in st josephs!I truly don’t know if it was my destiny that brought me here or my freewill…all that I can tell you is that I just love my new college.Now, I get to know what exactly is journalism..what are the other dimensions of communication.