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I am HIS little angel here for a greater cause.I am running this blog to hone my writing skill and widen my thoughts. I am very true to the title"The Mirror Image of my thoughts".

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am in HER and SHE is in me!

WWhen i was done with all my chantings today, i felt a unique feeling which i cant express in words.I dont know if it was gratitude,love or something else for divine mother.I just went on writing these lines!Lemme pen down on the Mirror Image Of My Thoughts!

Hey Mother Divine!
I am siting on your lap
as a baby for you
all my life.
Your fondle makes my
life so full.

I don't know how much
i love you for
my trust in you deeper
than ocean.

I am in YOU and YOU are in me.
I am not separate
from thee!
A wave cant separate from
ocean so as I
cant separate from YOU!

I cannot move an inch,
if you not in my
Keep me close to thy lotus
feet for i cant bear a moment
of separation.

I know your form is
formless but,cant you
come for me?
Only to see an eye wink of time,
loving you so much.

You gave me a life to
love you all my life!
I want nothing more in life
than the devotion i
have for you Amma!


Saturday, February 19, 2011

My MOM is my Guardian Angel!!

My MOM is the figure that comes to my mind when i think of the word affection. Trust me! Our mother is the only human being in this universe who can love us unconditionally. Whether you are the best or worst, her heart wanders around you all the time just to see if you are safe.It gives me immense pleasure and security when i hug her tight.I feel as if i am so secured and comfortable.A feeling that nothing in this world can shake me!
The only thing i can tell you is that she is my strength, my first love and my guardian angel!

She is my guardian angel
a treasure of mine
all my life.

Tears rolled down my cheeks
for she is so priceless!

Time taught me her
love so unique.
I was in her 9 months
a part of her now
and then.

I wonder the power of her love,
heart beating around me.
Holding her little finger
world remained so

The day is not too far
when my wedding bells ring,
Where life becomes a commitment
and responsibilities count.
Relations grow and finally a
tiny palm in mine...when
i play the role of a mother.

Even then i would say,
My mom, she is my
guardian angel all
my life!

Ammi, i don't know if i have hurt u deeply at any point of time.I donno if your eyes have welled up just because of me.All that i can tell you is that i am deeply sorry if i hurt you..!!!Love you ma...muah!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My UNSAID Love..

As usual, i have my lappytoppy before me.All that i have to do is to pen down my matured or immature thoughts on The Mirror Image Of My Thoughts:)Well,right now, only thoughts about my love hits my head..Lemme now scribble a poem on my "unsaid love",indeed my "unknown love" :)

You are my unsaid love,
plenty reasons to unveil
for its impossible to
be with you!

Love is so beautiful when
no "names" attached.
You and me fell the victims
of love,the unseen.

Never seen you..neither
do i know you,but
I can promise you with
the rhythm of my heartbeat,
I love you a lot!!:)

You ought to be my greatest fortune,
a shoulder to rely on
all my life.

It is so beautiful to
think about you!
I wonder the power of love
for i love the unknown!:)

You walk into my thoughts,
fondling me with
a gentle kiss of love.

Waiting for the sun that
brings you to me, and
the moon that makes
you mine!:)