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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I am in HER and SHE is in me!

WWhen i was done with all my chantings today, i felt a unique feeling which i cant express in words.I dont know if it was gratitude,love or something else for divine mother.I just went on writing these lines!Lemme pen down on the Mirror Image Of My Thoughts!

Hey Mother Divine!
I am siting on your lap
as a baby for you
all my life.
Your fondle makes my
life so full.

I don't know how much
i love you for
my trust in you deeper
than ocean.

I am in YOU and YOU are in me.
I am not separate
from thee!
A wave cant separate from
ocean so as I
cant separate from YOU!

I cannot move an inch,
if you not in my
Keep me close to thy lotus
feet for i cant bear a moment
of separation.

I know your form is
formless but,cant you
come for me?
Only to see an eye wink of time,
loving you so much.

You gave me a life to
love you all my life!
I want nothing more in life
than the devotion i
have for you Amma!


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