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Friday, October 30, 2009

Life is much more..!

I don't know what is the force that makes me write on this topic right now. But, my heart says a lot of things on this statement"life is much more..". Lemme now update the Mirror Image of My Thoughts!

Many a times i have seen me sad for the silliest of things.You would wonder if you learn the things that pulls me because, it is simply stupid! As my master says the emotion lasts to the maximum of two days and i have always experienced the peak of the pain for a while and then just leave it off because "life is much more"!

Last day, i was traveling in a private bus thinking something as i am always in my own world. Suddenly, i noticed the lady sitting next to me. She was weeping for some reason. I truly wanted to ask her about the reason and help her if i could. But, unfortunately i couldn't speak to her and i kept silent. I still wonder what was the reason for my silence and how could i ever ignore a soul just like that. I don't have a valid reason for my silence.

I would say, seeing a person crying is the worst part of life. I truly cant bear the pain of the people whenever i go out in the city.I always wanted to ask them about the reason for their silent pain but somehow i fail to do it. You wont believe! So many people around us are suffering and the worst part is that their problems may be so silly as LIFE is much more...!

As far as i have observed my life, all the so called "painful incidents" seemed to be so silly after a while. It would be so painful at the time of experience but later on the same stuff turns to be something silly..something of no importance!

"Life is much more", this is the statement that brings me happiness whenever i am sad. Yes! life is truly more than what we see and experience.No time to regret..complaint or worry....!!

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