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Saturday, September 18, 2010

I am the LuCkIeSt Homosapien !!:)

"I am grateful to you",... the silent words that kissed my lips on the eve of my 22nd BIRTHDAY!!.

You have blessed me with everything possible under the sun. I am grateful for this beautiful gift called "life".

The list of things i would like to thank you for..

1)I am grateful for, you gifted me to me:)
2)For all the spiritual knowledge at a very young age(my master)
3)My parents,they are the best parents i have ever seen and known
4)My brothers,the shoulders i always rely on.(love them both lots)
5)Beautiful grandparents,whose love is everything for me!
6)Uncles and aunts,who pamper me even now with love
7)You never left a desire of mine untouched,everything has come true.
8)You always hear me,i only have to call you from the depth of my heart.
9)You made me the sweetheart of my family:)
10)You have given me a beautiful mind,body,wealth,health and what not!
11)You always keep me comfortable and protected
12)You keep me happy all the time,whereever i am:)
13)You carried me in your arms when i was walking through hardship,hmm..i know that:)
14)You gave me a little pain at some point of time.well, i am grateful to you as i learnt a lot from it:)

I am truly grateful to you god!You have given me everything and i lack nothing!I will not ask you to keep me happy all my life,i know hardship is part of the game but,hold me tight to your little finger when i am in pain!..am always at your lotus feet!A special thanks for giving me such a beautiful master, my guruji,the gift of my life,the trust that holds me:)THANK YOU:):)

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