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Monday, September 27, 2010

Only" time" could really change me!

"Maturity", i am in search of the meaning of this eight lettered word since a long time.I think neither me nor my thoughts were matured all these years. I never thought about the consequences of my actions.."come what may, i don't bother anyone" was my attitude,well, even today i am known for that in my friends' circle.

There is a reason for every person whom you meet in your life. You can call it "Karma" or "Destiny" or whatever!Anyways,I can assure you that they come either to give you some experiences or to take some experiences from you.Trust me!It is for a greater cause.

I was surprised to see me writing a letter to the editor of The Hindu saying that, both men and women are the two sides of the same coin and you cannot have "heads" without "tails" or vice-verse.Thus, they should support each other to bring out the best in a happy life. God! the girl who shouted "single life is all that i want in life", made such a strong statement? It is still so unbelievable for me!

Time has taught me how to deal with things and how to see things in a different angle, a different perspective.I feel that,if we can change the way we look at things in our lives, then nothing in this life can shake us!All that you need is, a little patience to look at things.

I also would like to add that,"EGO"is the worst enemy of any relationship. If you and me can treat this "enemy" skillfully, then,sure! we can enjoy any relationship:)Life is so beautiful, i wonder about the master brain!Bravo!!!


KParthasarathi said...

Very well said.The key to a successful relationship lies in our ability to see from 'others' eyes also to give a better perspective.

Navami.sreekumar said...

Thankyou sir:)