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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

MY zest for living!:)

My zest for living
shaken for a while,
when hardship strikes
now and then.

A mighty prayer brushes
my lips.
"You my zest for living,
a thousand reasons
to hold on."

Over the river
of hurdles,now
I am tired to move an inch!

I know! A world of happiness
awaiting me and
joy is priceless only in the
shadow of pain.

I am holding on to YOU!
Surrendering my heart,my soul
and my life!
Leave me not for you
my first and last resort!

God knows to plan and make things possible better than us. In this vast universe,sitting at a corner of a 'corner', i am worrying over silly things, labeling them as "PROBLEMS".

Well, I was really bored with father's class on Democracy,Secularism and Journalism:(and just wrote this poem...:)

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