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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Destiny OR My Freewill??

St. Josephs Bangalore was there neither in my thoughts nor dreams. But, today I am a josephite. Is this my destiny or freewill? Let me now pen down my thoughts on ‘The Mirror Image of My Thoughts’.

A random search in the Google brought St Josephs to my life. I considered it because Bangalore was a dream place for me…some sort of sentiments with the place.Well, may be because guruji lives here.

Though I wrote the entrance test,my name was not there in the first list of 15 short listed candidates.I was quite sure that I wouldn’t get selected and looked for some other colleges.But, some where deep within ,I had a droplet of hope as guruji has once told me”mole romba budhishaali..padikkathey pass aakum..atheeva budhi shaali”. I knew within that the words of master can never go untouched by the nature.

It was then I met guruji at the bangalore ashram and told that I didn’t get admission anywhere.I also asked him to bring me the college that can bring the best in my life!He just smiled and asked about my dad and some other things at my place.To my amazement,I reached home next morning by 6.30 am and by 10 am , I got a call from Josephss saying I am selected.

should or shouldn’t join was the next issue. But, I was then sure that Josephs is the college for me and I would do my post graduation here in Bangalore.My master has done all that he could and now it is my part to take a decision on joining the college.

“ Me in my dream palce?” god!That’s something still unbelivable ! My uncles,aunts and grandparents have always said a big no and now they want me to study in bangalore..in st josephs!I truly don’t know if it was my destiny that brought me here or my freewill…all that I can tell you is that I just love my new college.Now, I get to know what exactly is journalism..what are the other dimensions of communication.


KParthasarathi said...

Hearty congratulations!!
I am happy by the grace of master and God you got the selection.My best wishes to you

Navami.sreekumar said...

Thank you sir...