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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The two extremes of my personality!

It is truly amazing that my mind swings between two "extremes". Either the embodiment of joy,enthusiasm,bubbling with happiness. Laughing out loud and making others laugh. kidding and bugging everyone to the core forgetting that i am a grown up girl, matured enough to behave matured.

Sometimes sad for some unknown reason.I often fail to figure out what on earth has left me in such a heavy put off.It is too certain that my family and friends catch me red- handed when i go out of my mind.My brothers are the ones who tend to ask me first. I just confine the answer in a smile and remain silent.

But,I can never be sad for a long time, may be for half an hour or one hour to the maximum as i am very smart in finding some reasons to smile and laugh out loud.At any cost i want to be happy,no matter how stupid the reason is!,I want to laugh and let go..and be happy!

Hello everyone, Be happy..enjoy life to the core!:)

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