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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do I LOOK like YOU or my DAD?

*YOU : Mother
* I : An Orphan

You whispered nothing...
neither a word of love nor
a gaze of hatred..

You left me in the litter box
and sobbed for a while.
I feel your pain in me...but
you never felt mine in you.

The silence you left in me
is a blessing as now I
enjoy dripping in pain,
floating just like that...!

I am the result of your pleasure,
a piece of "life" that none seeks.
I have no questions or complaints for
i know its my destiny.

Years rolled away...waiting for you
just to know the warmth of
your breast..!

I know you would never come to me..
but,please temme..

This poem is my deep felt kiss for all the orphans across the globe.I know how it feels to be an orphan,But keep smiling...god has a reason for everything. Guys!!Please do something for the poor. It is their destiny but you can't just walk off telling that it is their "destiny"! Plz give it a thought!

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