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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Depth Of My Life...

As silent as the
I Stay alone in

With the heart of a
sincere seeker and soul
of a healer.

Behold me staying
know ...

Life is a journey and
many travels
with me...

My friend and my foe
all are here only
to know the

Neither fame nor name
can help me,as
nothing stays long..

Hey! weary traveler..
in the cycle of birth
and death..

Where are YOU heading to??
Knowing the truth your
sole MISSION...Alas!
You fail to give it a

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Navami.sreekumar said...

i wrote this poem with great pain as only a few are able to know de truth..and most of my dearones seems to have deaf ears wen i tell thm about the "truth"!