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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How am I HIS Little Angel...??

I f you ask me why i call myself HIS LITTLE ANGEL,then i have a story to tell you.

I was then hardly 7yrs old. We had a family trip to Bangalore ashram and we could meet guruji on the day we reached the ashram. We were fortunate enough to sit with him for two hours and had lots of fun....

We stayed there for two days. Leaving the ashram is nothing less than killing me. I cry from Bangalore till Salem. I wonder as even now i do the same.

Before leaving ashram we went to meet guruji. They all took his blessings and so did i. My heart was truly sinking but somehow i managed to control the tears.

I took his blessings . He held me close to his heart and said"MY DEAR LITTLE ANGEL, guruji is also leaving tomorrow. You can come here whenever you want na...?" and he gave me a teddy bear which said "i love you".

From then i call myself as HIS LITTLE ANGEL as the words of my master can never remain untouched by the nature...it is always true so I AM HIS LITTLE ANGEL!

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